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Advantages for groups

If you create a group, in your next order, you will receive a bottle of Listan Grain by Grain for free

All members of the Club have a minimum discount of 5%. Now you have the opportunity to increase that minimum discount up to 10%.

If you create a group in our Club (it can be your company, your family or a group of friends) for every 5 people who register in Club El Grifo as members of that group, all members of the group will get an extra 1% discount minimum.

In this way, if, for example, they constitute a group of 20 registered people, the minimum discount for all members of that group will be 9%

This discount will be applied to all purchases except for special promotions that have a higher discount.

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Member Group Registration

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With all orders over € 100 you will receive a gift and a copy of the book "El Grifo y sus vinificaciones" (Only available in Spanish)

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